Sony ECM-670

Sony ECM-670

Sony ecm-670 Manual

Sony ECM-670

Super Cardioid Compact Shot-gun Microphone

The ECM-670 is a compact ‘shot-gun’ microphone designed for location video production applications. Its has a highly directional response, allowing the microphone to be used for voice pick-up in noisy environments. It is highly robust and can withstand years of use ‘on the road’.

Maximise the quality of audio pick-up on location

Video location production often creates difficult problems for audio recording due to unwanted noises. The super cardioid response of the ECM-670 allows the production team to capture the wanted sound (ie voice pick-up) while rejecting unwanted noises.


The ECM-670 is a ‘shot-gun’ style microphone and is simple to mount on a microphone boom with a wind shield.


Excellent sound quality

The ECM-670 has a good frequency response and high sound pressure handling. The integral Low Cut Filter, allows a simple method to reduce the affects of environmental noise.

Flexible powering options

The ECM-670 can be powered from an external power supply ranging from 12 to 48volt.

Compact size and light weight

The ECM-670 balances the need for a compact size with it’s polar response, the result is a high directional microphone that is only 226mm in length. Its light weight, only 165g, reduces operator fatigue.

Robust construction

The ECM-670 has been designed for the rigour of location recording.


Frequency response70 – 16kHz Max SPL125dB Weight165g Dimensionsdiameter 21mm, length 226mm 

Supplied Accessories

Wind shield