Previous Next SONY DXF-C50WAOPERATIONAL MANUAL The DXF-C50WA is a 5-inch LCD colour viewfinder for the HXC-D70 SD / HD system camera. It is the successor model to the DXF-C50W and maintains the same compatibility and functionality for the PMW-320, PMW-350 and PMW-400 XDCAM solid state camcorders. But it only displays HD pictures from the camera when working with the HXC-D70. Features Offers wide viewing angle The DXF-C50WA has an IPS-LCD panel for an ultra-wide viewing angle. Focus assist functions The DXF-C50WA has image magnification and peaking plus functions to assist with focusing. Assignable settings The viewfinder allows brightness, contrast, peaking and chroma levels to be pre-selected and assigned to a switch or menu item.

    Previous Next Features 6.3″ HD LCD color viewfinder ● Multi-format support. ● Compact and lightweight by adopting LCD. High resolution of 500 horizontal resolutions or more. Achieves a stable image without distortion regardless of screen brightness. ● The step variable peaking correction circuit provides a sharp image and makes it easy to focus the camera. ● Equipped with two systems (red and green) tully lamps lit by the ully signal. ● The height can be set to 3 levels, and the angle can be changed 90 degrees in both the upper and lower directions and 90 degrees in both the left and right directions. ● By the drip-proof structure that can withstand some rain, it can also be used for shooting outside. ● A robust and easy-to-use indoor hood (included) and an outdoor hood with excellent light shielding (sold separately) can be installed.