Sony PMW-320

Sony PMW-320

Sony PMW-320

Sony PMW-320

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Sony PMW-320 K


PMW-320K Manual

PMW-320 Brochure

PMW-320 Brochure

Sony PMW-320

Superior picture performance

The Sony PMW-320 K is an award-winning XDCAM EX Solid State Camera. With three 1/2 inch-type Exmor™ full-HD CMOS sensors, which provides excellent sensitivity, remarkable signal-to-noise ratio of 54dB and high horizontal resolution of 1,000 TV lines in HQ 1080 mode. This high-performance sensor results in high-quality digital signals with extremely low noise.

The PMW-320 K offers multiple frame rate recording such as 59.94i, 50i, and native 23.98P and 25P as well as being 1080i/720P switchable. Plus a Scene File System, 4 channel audio recording and is supplied with a Fujinon HD lens.

Lightweight and affordable shoulder-mount camcorder

The powerful, affordable PMW-320 is equipped with the cutting-edge imaging technology of Exmor full-HD CMOS sensors and uses SxS memory cards as the recording media. Exceptionally low power consumption makes it environmentally friendly. The PMW-320 supports multiple frame rate recording such as 59.94i, 50i, and native 23.98P and 25P as well as being 1080i/720P switchable. There is also a choice of a 35Mb/s High Quality mode, 25Mb/s HDV 1080i compatible mode and 25Mb/s Standard Definition DVCAM recording.

Enhanced Workflow

Innovative solid state recording with SxS PRO ExpressCard memory cards.

Fujinon professional 1/2-inch HD lens

The adoption of three 1/2-inch imagers and standard 1/2-inch bayonet lens interface means the PMW-320K is compatible with a wide variety of broadcast standard optional lenses, as well as being supplied with a 16x (optical) zoom HD lens.

Environmentally friendly

The PMW-320 is designed to be environmentally friendly thanks to its low power consumption of just 15W (body only in recording time).

Superb ergonomics

Designed to be very compact and ergonomically well balanced, the main body weighs only 3.2 kg (7lb 1 oz) and is one of the lightest shoulder camcorders with three 1/2-inch full-HD imagers available.


Sony PMW-320 

Selectable format and bit rates

A choice of bit rate is offered – either 35 Mbps (HQ mode) or 25 Mbps (SP mode) – depending on the desired picture quality and recording time. The camcorder records 1920 x 1080 HD images using the MPEG-2 Long GOP codec, which conforms to the MPEG-2 MP@HL compression standard.

Multiple-format recording 1080/720 and interlace/progressive switchable operation

The camcorder offers a wide array of recording formats for multiple content-creation applications. The recording mode is switchable between 1920 x 1080, 1280 x 720, and 1440 x 1080 resolution. The scanning system is also selectable from interlace and progressive, such as 59.94i, 50i, 59.94p, and 50p.


The PMW-320 offers a native 23.98p* recording capability. This feature, accompanied by other creative features, makes the camcorder ideal for cinema production.

* In 1440×1080/23.98p (SP) mode, images are handled as 23.98p and recorded as 59.94i signals via 2-3 pull-down.


The PMW-320 offers a Slow & Quick Motion function that enables users to create unique ‘looks’ by slow- and fast-motion effects. The camcorder can capture images at frame rates selectable from 1 frame per second (fps) to 60 fps in 720p mode and from 1 fps to 30 fps in 1080p mode, in increments of 1 fps. For example, when viewed at 23.98p, images captured at 60 fps appear two-and-a-half times slower than normal. Conversely, images captured at 4 fps appear six times faster than normal. With this function, images are recorded natively with no padded frames and at full resolution.


The PMW-320 offers a wide variety of gamma curves to flexibly handle contrast, and give a specific ‘look’ to an image. In addition to six types of standard gamma curves, there are four types of Hyper Gamma which are identical to those on high-end CineAlta™ camcorders.


The Interval Recording function intermittently records one frame at pre-determined intervals. This is convenient for shooting over long periods of time, and also when creating special effects with extremely rapid motion.


With the Picture Cache Recording function, up to 15 seconds of audio and video signals are buffered into the camcorder’s internal memory even before the record start button is pressed. This helps to prevent loss of any unexpected yet important events.


The CBK-CE01 also offers the PMW-320 connection to the XDCA-55, camera adaptor. This newly-designed camera adaptor and the XDCU-50, Camera Extension Unit enable control of the camcorders from a distance of 100 m, and expands the potential of these camcorders for multi-camera operation.


PMW-320 K

MassApprox. 3.2 kg (without lens)
Approx. 7 lb 1 oz (without lens)
Approx. 6.3 kg (with LCD VF, AF lens, Mic, BP-GL95 battery, one SxS PRO memory card)
Approx. 13 lb 14 oz (with LCD VF, AF lens, Mic, BP-GL95 battery, one SxS PRO memory card) Dimensions (W x H x D) *1124 x 269 x 332 mm (excluding protrusions, body only)
5 x 10 5/8 x 13 1/8 inches (excluding protrusions, body only) Power RequirementsDC 12 V Power ConsumptionApprox.18 W (with LCD VF, AF lens, Mic while recording)
Approx.15 W (body while recording) Operating Temperature0°C to 40°C
32°F to 104°F Storage Temperature-20°C to +60°C
-4°F to +140°F Continuous Operating TimeApprox. 310 min with BP-GL95 battery Recording Format (Video)MPEG-2 Long GOP:
– HQ mode: VBR, 35 Mbps max., MPEG-2 MP@HL
– SP mode: CBR, 25 Mbps, MPEG-2 MP@H-14
– SD mode (option): DVCAM Recording Format (Audio)HD mode: Linear PCM (4 ch, 16-bit, 48-kHz)
SD mode: Linear PCM (2 ch, 16-bit, 48-kHz) Recording/Playback Time (MPEG HD)HQ Mode:
Approx. 100 min with SBP-32 (32 GB) memory card
Approx. 50 min with SBP-16 (16 GB) memory card
Approx. 25 min with SBP-8 (8 GB) memory card
SP/SD Mode:
Approx. 140 min with SBP-32 (32 GB) memory card
Approx. 70 min with SBP-16 (16 GB) memory card
Approx. 35 min with SBP-8 (8 GB) memory card Recording Frame RateNTSC
HQ mode:
– 1920 x 1080/59.94i, 29.97p, 23.98p
– 1440 x 1080/59.94i, 29.97p, 23.98p
– 1280 x 720/59.94p, 29.97p, 23.98p
SP mode: 1440 x 1080/59.94i, 23.98p (2-3 pull down)
SD mode: 720 x 480/59.94i, 29,97PsF
PAL area
HQ mode:
– 1920 x 1080/50i, 25p
– 1440 x 1080/50i, 25p
– 1280 x 720/50p, 25p
SP mode: 1440 x 1080/50i
SD mode: 720 x 576/50i, 25PsF


Lens Mount
Sony 1/2-inch type bayonet mount

Zoom Ratio16x (optical), servo/manual (AF lens for PMW-320K) Focal Lengthf = 5.8 mm to 93 mm (equivalent to 31.4 mm to 503 mm on 35 mm lens) IrisF1.9 to F16 and Close, Auto/Manual selectable FocusAF/MF/Full MF selectable
800 mm to ∞ (MACRO OFF)
50 mm to ∞ (MACRO ON, Wide)
782 mm to ∞ (MACRO ON, Tele) Filter DiameterM82 mm, pitch 0.75 mm (on lens)

Camera Section

Imager3-chip 1/2-type “Exmor” Full HD CMOS Effective Picture Elements1920 (H) x 1080 (V) Optical SystemF1.6 prism system Built-in Optical Filters1: Clear, 2: 1/4ND, 3: 1/16ND, 4: 1/64ND Shutter Speed (Time)1/60 sec to 1/2,000 sec + ECS *2  Shutter Speed (Slow Shutter (SLS))2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 16, 32, 64-frame accumulation Slow & Quick Motion Function720p: Frame rate selectable from 1 fps to 60 fps
1080p: Frame rate selectable from 1 fps to 30 fps Sensitivity (2000 lx, 89.9% reflectance)F10 (typical) (1920 x 1080/59.94i mode)
F11 (typical) (1920 x 1080/50i mode) Minimum Illumination0.05 lx (typical) (1920 x 1080/59.94i mode, F1.6, +42 dB gain, with 64-frame accumulation) White BalancePreset (3200K), Memory A, Memory B/ATW Gain Selection-3, 0, 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24 dB S/N Ratio54 dB (Y) (typical) Horizontal Resolution1,000 TV lines or more (1920 x 1080i mode) Viewfinder3.5-inch *3  type color LCD monitor: approx. 921,000 effective pixels, 640 (H) x 3 (RGB) x 480 (V), 16:9, hybrid type Built-in LCD MonitorBlack & White LCD (Audio level, TC, battery and media remaining capacity)