Lightstream LITE Kit

Lightstream LITE Kit

Lightstream LITE Kit

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Lite Pro DLLR1 20x20cm Example

LITE Pro DLLR1-20x20 Front Reflector

LITE Pro DLLR-Lite Dedo Reflectors

LITE Pro DLLR3-20x20 Back Reflector

LITE Pro Reflector Corner Detail in Pouch


Lightstream Brochure

Lightstream Brochure

Lightstream LITE Kit

LITE style reflectors

Lightstream LITE Kit style reflectors use a convenient hot shoe camera mount for gripping and this kit includes some of those tools. The LITE reflectors do not have the reinforced backing material which other Lightstream reflectors use making them extremely light weight. These reflectors weigh a feathery 28g (2oz) each! Reflectors now come with protective corner ID covers for easier selection from the pouch.

This kit comes with 2x #1 reflectors, 2x #2 reflectors, and a #3 reflector, all in the 20x20cm LITE size. For controlled, systematic and maximum results, use a dedolight with Parallel Beam Intensifier (intense spot). All Lightstream reflector boards transfer over 95% of source light. Lightstream Lite reflectors use a receiving shoe mount on the back of the boards for mounting. 


  • Additional light stands, clamps or other grip equipment may be required for an effect reflective set up. Pre-planning is recommended
  • Additional grip equipment is available through ZTV Rentals


  • 2x #1 Lightstream Lite reflector
  • 2x #2 Lightstream Lite reflector
  • 1x #3 Lightstream Lite reflector
  • 2x DLSA 1/4 – 5/8″ receptacle stand fitting with 1/4″ receiver thread
  • 2x DH3 – Plate mount with 1/4″ receiver thread
  • 3x CLAMP-M – Mini clamp with 1/4″ und 3/8″ receiver thread
  • 5x DMFA22 – 22cm (8.5″) flexible arm with cold-shoe mount and 1/4″ thread
  • 1x DPRP22 – Protective pouch for up to 7x 20cm Lite reflectors

Square Law

The inverse square law applies to point light sources or Fresnel lights and focusing lights:

Double the distance = ¼ the light 

When the light source is close to the talent, this will produce the effect of changing light intensity as soon as the talent moves closer to the light source or further away.

In order to overcome these effects, we have several ways and thoughts:

  1. Place the light source far away from the talent, thus minimizing the relation between the actual distance covered by movement of talent and the change of light intensity
  2. Indoors, with space limitations, you can use a hard reflector on the ceiling to create a larger distance between light source and your talent.  Please be aware, that with soft reflectors this effect cannot be achieved.
  3.  The narrower you can spot your focusing light, the more you are creating a virtual light source, which is behind the actual light fixture, thus increasing the active distance between the virtual light source and your talent, which also minimizes the effect of intensity change caused by talent movements.
  4. A true parallel beam creates a “virtual light source” which is located further away from, or behind  the actual placement of the fixture. Page 14 & 15 of the dedolight Lightstream catalogue have a more detailed explanation of this phenomenon.
  5. With focusing fixtures ½ or graduated scrims can be used to minimize the effect of the square law.
  6.  dedolight is the only manufacturer to offer graduated ND filters for all their focusing fixtures which also minimizes the effect of the square law.
  7. Lowering the effect of the square law can only be achieved when the object or subject being lit is further away than two or three times the diameter of the light-emitting area.