Sony NP-F970 F960

Sony NP-F970 / F960

InfoLithium NP-F970, NP-F960

Sony InfoLithium Manual

Sony InfoLithium Manual

Sony NP-F970 / F960

InfoLithium STAMINA super-long battery lifeĀ 

The Sony NP-F970 F960 Info-Lithium battery packs provide the advantages of lithium-ion, meaning it can be charged or discharged at anytime without developing memory effect. This means the battery never loses its ability to hold a full charge. Sony Info-Lithium batteries display remaining battery time on the LCD as well as in the viewfinder by continuously communicating with the device. All Sony Info-Lithium battery packs have a built-in micro processor that accurately calculates remaining battery life in minutes.

STAMINA super-long battery life

Lithium-ion Cells with No ‘Memory Effect’

Highly efficient, compact and light-weight

Built-in Microprocessor communicates with camera, and accurately indicates remaining battery time in minutes.

Environmentally-friendly: 100% free of lead, cadmium and mercury

Sony recommends you use only InfoLITHIUM batteries with products displaying the InfoLITHIUM mark.


38.2 x 59.5 x 55.6mm


Approx. NP-F970 Power: DC 7.2 V, 47.4 Wh, 6,600 mAh
Approx. NP-F950 Power: DC 7.2V, 38.8Wh, 5,400mAh


Approx. 300