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H.264 Streaming and Recording Encoder

AJA HELO is a hardware-based H.264 solution. HELO can receive video output from a switcher, camera, iPhone or other device and deliver the stream directly to a Content Delivery Network (CDN) via RTMP, RTMPS, RTMPE, RTSP (10 clients), HTTPS, RTP/UDP Unicast and Multi Unicast, or HLS (10 clients) (HTTP Live Streaming). AJA HELO can also simultaneously record the video to its built-in SD slot, to a USB flash drive attached to its USB 2.0 port, or to a local shared network drive via its Ethernet port. This lets you configure your recording and streaming independently for maximum efficiency and flexibility.

AJA HELO has both HDMI and SDI video interfaces for inputting either type of signal, as well as analog stereo audio in and out. Two hardware buttons are conveniently located on the front, one for stream and one for record.

Configured by default for DHCP network communications, installing HELO can be as easy as just plugging in the Ethernet cable. A USB connection with AJA’s eMini-Setup application also allows quick access directly to the HELO hardware for network configuration, if necessary.

HELO uses a web browser based UI, where all of HELO’s controls are ready to use. The robust web browser UI allows you to setup and configure your CDN connection before you even arrive at your event. Once there, even an inexperienced operator can start and stop streaming and recording with simple button pushes. The web UI also provides complete control of HELO’s operations from a remote location. A low frame rate video monitor displays the video signal to indicate its presence

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