Digital Creator Package

Digital Creator Package

Digital Creator Package

Digital Creator Package Camera

Sachtler DV 2

Sony ECM-77B Cover

Sony ECM-670 Cover

Digital Creator Package Camera Fiilex K302

Digital Creator Package U-Tap


Digital Creator Package

Enhance the look of your video streams

The Digital Creator Package will give your video conferences,  livestreams, and vlogs that professional finish that you are looking for. 

Content and content creators seem to be everywhere these days – so who can be a content creator? The short answer is anyone can become a content creator if they can make their job, tasks, or industry interesting enough and video content has become one of the most popular forms of media consumption. So, whatever you have a natural affinity for the material you create should be influenced by what motivates you.

So get inspired!

The Sony PXW-X70 camera offers great sensitivity and fantastic resolution with 14.2 million effective pixels delivering striking detail and colors, even in low light conditions. But you won’t have to worry about low light issues with the Fiilex K302 90W three point lighting kit. The K302 kit is a bi-color and flicker free fixture that will give you the confidence needed even when dealing with mixed lighting conditions. 

The supplied Sony ECM-77B lavalier and ECM-670 Shot-gun microphones will have your audio needs covered. By just plugging the professional XLR connectors into the PXW-X70 camera. Stream your video using the pug and play compact AJA U-TAP 3G-SDI, with USB 3.0 (USB 3.2, Gen 1) interface to computer. The U-TAP will embed your audio into your stream easily through the SDI connection.