Analog Way PLS350-3G

Analog Way PLS350-3G


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PLS350-3G Rear


PLS350-3G manual

PLS350-3G manual

Analog Way PLS350-3G

Hi-resolution mixer and seamless presentation switcher

The Analog Way PLS350-3G Pulse2 is a powerful multi-layer hi-resolution mixer and seamless presentation switcher featuring 8 seamless inputs and 14 input connectors (four HDMI, four DVI, two 3G-SDI and four universal analog). The PLS350-3G Pulse2 has two outputs with mirrored DVI and universal analog connectors that can be configured either as Program & Preview or as two independent program outputs. It also supports advanced audio inputs and outputs functionalities and includes a 3GSDI output useable as video output or Program clone.

Quality without Compromise

Based on the extremely reliable and cost-effective MIDRA™ platform, the Pulse2 3G offers ultra-low latency image processing, uncompromising video quality, true seamless switching and advanced video effects for elegant AV presentations, which makes it
an ideal solution for live events, fixed installations, houses of worship and educational facilities.

Smart functionalities

The Pulse² 3G has been designed with innovative functionalities, including some advanced features inherited from the LiveCore™ series. The Pulse² 3G can display up to two live layers, with background and foreground positions. Thanks to the new Quick Frame function, a foreground frame can quickly hide all other layers when necessary. To fit any display resolution, including non-standard formats like
LED walls, the Pulse² 3G manages custom output formats. Major new assets also include advanced management of audio to easily embed or de-embed digital audio on HDMI and DVI-D connectors, ensuring better processing and quality of the video and audio mix. For easy routing of audio signals, some functions such as Fast Routing and Audio Breakaway are available.



8 seamless inputs, 14 total input plugs
4 x DVI-D up to 2048×1152@60Hz
4 x HDMI up to 2048×1152@60Hz
4 x Universal Analog up to 2048×1152@60Hz
2 x 3G/HD/SD-SDI up to 2K@60Hz


2 outputs with 2 plugs per output
2 x DVI up to 2048×1152@60Hz
2 x Universal Analog up to 2048×1152@60Hz
1 x 3G-SDI up to 2K@60Hz, useable as video output or
program clone


5-pin MCO connectors: 4 for analog audio inputs and 2 for
analog audio outputs
4 RCA connectors: 2 for S/PDIF audio inputs and 2 for
S/PDIF audio outputs
DVI (as HDMI) / HDMI / SDI Audio de-embedded
4 x Audio stereo Analog (Balanced/Unbalanced)
2 x S/PDIF (AES-3id compatible)


DVI (as HDMI) / SDI Audio embedded
2 x Audio stereo Analog (Balanced/Unbalanced)
2 x S/PDIF (AES-3id compatible)
SMPTE: ST 259:2008, ST 260:1999, ST 274:2008, ST 292-
1:2012, ST 296:2012, ST 424:2012, ST 428-19:2010
VESA: GTF1.1, CVT 1.1, DMT1.0 rev.12
Mixer mode:
Seamless switching with full preview with 1 layer
1 Title on Live Background
1 Layer on Live Background
Up to 2 Layers on Still Background
Matrix mode:
Seamless switching
1 Live Background on each output


Full-featured Front Panel
: Remote Control Software with intuitive GUI
Orchestra²: Intuitive and ergonomic Controller
RK-350: Remote Keypad
SB80-2: Shot Box2
AMX/Crestron drivers


DB9: RS232 for remote control
RJ45: Ethernet connection