Census Qube-3

Census Qube-3


8×1 Source Selector

The Census QUBE-3 is a 3G/HD/SD-SDI 8×1 Source Selector.  That provides automatic input detection while re-clocking and cable equalization reliably recovers signals on all eight inputs.

Eight LED illuminated pushbuttons on the front panel allows switching on the input selection.  If a valid SDI signal is present on the selected source the LED indicator with be illuminated, while a flashing LED indicates a loss of signal on that input.

BNC connections located on the rear panel allow for eight SDI input signals, providing one output of the selected SDI signal.

Also located on the rear panel is a 9 Pin female D-Sub connector to be used for GPI remote control.

The Census QUBE-3 is a standalone unit or you can rack mount up to two units in a 1 RU optional rack mount shelf.

Eliminating the need for AC adapters the QUBE-3 comes complete with an internal universal input switching power supply and attached AC cord.