Frame Sync

Universal Frame Synchronizer/Converter     Previous Next AJA FS1 Manual AJA FS1 Manual AJA FS1 Universal Frame Synchronizer/Converter AJA FS1 is a powerful and flexible frame synchronizer and high quality converter that helps you work with mismatched signal types to establish a consistent format for post production or broadcast. Features Flexible input, flexible output Featuring a flexible input, output, and control architecture, the FS1 Universal HD/SD Audio/ Video Frame Synchronizer and Converter can simultaneously work with both HD and SD video all in full 10-bit broadcast quality video and 24-bit audio. Supporting virtually any input or output, analog or digital, HD or SD, FS1 can up or down-convert between SD and HD, and provide simultaneous HD and SD outputs. Up, down, cross-conversion between HD formats are also supported, with simultaneous output of both formats. AJA hardware conversion technology AJA’s powerful hardware conversion technology ensures the highest image quality for your…

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AJA FS2 Frame sync

Previous Next AJA  FS2 OPERATIONAL MANUAL v3.0 Dual video and audio processors Offering huge flexibility and the power to adapt to meet the needs of rapidly changing environments, FS2 offers unprecedented conversion and frame synchronization power in a 1RU space. Capable of simultaneously working with two independent streams of HD/SD 10-bit broadcast quality video and two independent groups of multi-channel analog or digital audio, each FS2 video channel supports virtually any input or output: analog component or composite, 3G-SDI, Dual Link (1.485 Gb), fiber and HDMI I/O. A fiber I/O option allows fiber cable runs of up to 10 kilometers to be connected directly to the FS2 without the need for separate fiber to SDI conversion. Each video processing channel can be individually cropped and resized using AJA’s image scaling technology for the best possible quality when incorporating nonstandard image sizes. FS2 can be used as two separate frame synchronizers/format…

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