Sachtler DV-8

Sachtler DV-8

Sachtler DV-8

Sachtler DV-8

75mm Tripod Head

(Payload: 2.2 – 26.5 lb / 1 – 12 kg)

The Sachtler DV 8 fluid head tripod system is suitable for cameras / camcorders ranging from 1-12 kg (2.2 – 26.5 lbs) in weight. The DV 8 system delivers class leading performance for lightweight camcorders and DSLR cameras.

The key to Sachtler’s successful fluid heads is their step switching. Sachtler’s innovative Speed Balance technology enables even faster and finer counter balance of your camera system. By reducing the minimum payload, the heads’ overall payload range is increased.

Weight: 2.5 kg
  5.5 lb
Payload: 1 – 12 kg
  2.2 – 26.5 lb
Sliding range – plate: 60 mm
  2.4 in
Counter balance: 12 steps
Grades of drag: 5 each horizontal and vertical + 0
Tilt range: +90/-75°
Temperature range: -40° to +60° C
  -40 to +140° F
Camera fitting: Touch & Go Plate DV 8
Tripod/Pedestal fitting: 75 mm bowl, integrated flat base fitting
Pan bar(s): 1, Type DV 75
Level: self-illuminating Touch Bubble
Batteries (Level): 1 x CR2032


Sachtler’s fluid heads offer 100 percent reliability. The patented damping system excels even when you and your equipment are challenged by the most adverse shooting conditions imaginable. Extreme temperatures have absolutely no effect on our fluid heads. They provide frictionless operation, are free of hydraulic oil, and are completely enclosed in their own capsule against any external influence. A special feature of the heads is their ease of operation.


A key reason why Sachtler fluid heads function so reliably is their stability. All components cooperate in a friction-free environment, a key consideration for users who want equipment that functions tirelessly for years to come. In addition, the modern, lightweight materials we use help you limit the stress that unnecessary weight can have on your equipment, especially during long shoots.


The center of gravity height (C.O.G.) of the camera mounted on a fluid head is decisive in determining the head’s payload. The C.O.G. describes the distance between the camera or camcorder’s center of gravity and the top edge of the fluid head being used. The shorter the distance, the greater the maximum camera weight. The C.O.G. tables on the following product pages show how the payload of a head changes according to the camera’s center of gravity height.


The Sachtler DV 6 is an excellent solution for users of small and lightweight 4K/HD camcorders & DSLR cameras.