Sachtler Video 20

Video 20 Fluid Head

Sachtler Video 20

100mm Fluid Head 

(Payload 4-55lbs / 2-25kg)

The Sachtler Video 20 is a great tool, when working in the field calls for gear that is durable enough to go where you need it to, and versatile enough to do what you need it to. The Sachtler Video 20 Fluid Head has a remarkable payload range and an innovative Speed-balance system. The wider range enables lightweight DSLR cameras to be used but it can also handle heavier ENG and EFP camcorders.

EFP and ENG TV crews love the excellent multi-level drag system. The Touch & Go function for speedy mounting and removal, robust temperature resistance, parking positions for spare camera screws and bubble level. The Sachtler Video 20 is designed to work as fast and hard as you do.


Weight: 3.5kg / 7.7 lbs.
Payload: 4-55 lbs.
Counterbalance system: 12 to 48 Nm/approx. 7 to 27kg/15 to 59lb (110 mm center of gravity height)
Balance plate: 110mm / 4.4″ sliding range
Grades of drag: 7 each horizontal and vertical, 0
Tilt range: +/- 90° with any camera weight
Camera fitting: Touch & Go camera plate 16 with 1/4″ and 3/8″ screws
Tripod fitting: 100 mm half-ball and flat base adapter for all pedestals
Pan bars: 40mm diameter ribbed rosette pattern (pan bar #3270)
mounting diameter of 18/22mm / 0.71/0.87″, 350 to 520mm / 13.8 to 20.5″ length
Touch Bubble   illumination: adjustable, between 20 and 45 sec.
Touch Bubble battery: 3 x 625 U or LR9