Vinten MK-7B

Vinten MK-7B

Vinten MK-7B Fluid Head

Mk-7b manual

Vinten MK-7B

(Flat base / Mitchell Mount)

(Payload up to 250 lbs / 115 kg)

The Vinten Mark 7B Cam head  is designed to support a full facility studio/OB camera and portable cameras with large lenses, viewfinders and prompters. The Vinten Mk 7B is a Cam Head offering perfect balance and precise performance in both Studio and OB locations. The LF system provides continuously adjustable fluid drag control with rotary knob control for tilt and Pan Axis.

The Vinten Mk-7B Cam Head is a pan and tilt camera head, designed to support a variety of cameras, lenses and prompters in perfect balance over a tilt range of ±44.5° to ±60°, dependent on the cams fitted. Using a lubricated friction mechanisms in the pan and tilt axes giving adjustable drag to achieve smooth operation. Whip movements may be executed through both axes regardless of drag setting. Both pan and tilt mechanisms are fitted with a brake.

The Mk-7B head is fitted with a sliding plate giving a large range of fore and aft adjustment. This adjustment can be extended by moving a wedge adaptor to either of two positions on the sliding plate. Furthermore, the Mk-7B construction is a lightweight but robust assembly able to accommodate loads of up to 250 lbs (114 kg). The head has a standard flat base and can be mounted on tripods, pedestals or any suitable firm surface.