Dedolight DLED4 Bi-DMX Kit

Dedolight DLED4 bi-DMX Kit

Dedolight DLED4 bi-DMX Kit

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DLED4 Bi-DMX Light


Dedo flex Mini-Softbox 12x12x9

DP1.1 Imager


LED Dedo Photometrics



DLED Bi-DMX 3 Light AC Kit

The Dedolight DLED4-BI Bi-DMX Kit offers a complete three LED light head setup with a Dedoflex mini softbox, three mains power supplies, three DST stands, and a soft case for carrying.

This kit provides you with a compact, yet powerful light capable of 2700-6000K that is focusable from 60 to 4°. The light is also dimmable and has an excellent CRI of >91 for excellent color rendition. Additionally, the light has tilt with permanent friction and cools passively, meaning no loud fans to interrupt shooting. The DLED4 will output up to 10,100 lux at 3′ while in spot mode.

The DP Imager/Projector fits in the accessory slot of all M size light head models.  This is a dedicated universal slot imager, fitting “M” size gobos (in the DPGH gobo holders). Medium projectors have integrated condensers, universal receptacle slot, and the lens holders which slides within the unit to determine focusing. This lens holder can detach to accommodate the DPL150.1M, 150mm Eagle Eye lens.
dedolight imagers don’t introduce any chromatic aberrations. There are no comparison; nothing can do what dedolight projectors can do.

The DSBSXS, dedoflex silver reflector mini-soft box with baffle & front diffuser. It works directly with M and S size focusing lights using the required speed-ring. 1 stop loss with front diffuser.

One of the most desirable, fully portable, very small yet capable lighting packages with all the known dedolight advantages plus optional battery operation. For interview lighting, the use of the soft box turns the DLED4 it into a beautiful, gentle light source with a much larger area for pleasing lighting and still sufficient output to cover most every situation. This kit maybe the most versatile and unique tool for professional lighting from the smallest team too the highest demanding in big blockbuster projects.

Kit Features


State-of-the-art BiColor LED light source – silent cooling system

  • State-of-the-art LED light source with features exclusively developed by dedolight
  • dedolight patented aspherical optics
  • Providing astoundingly high efficiency
  • Unprecedented focusing range (wider / tighter)
  • dedolight clean beam concept. Controlled precision beam with no stray light outside and perfectly even light distribution within the beam
  • Provide excellent color in tungsten, daylight and bicolor versions.
  • Complete light-shaping control
  • Precise barn door shadows. Many LED panel light barn doors are not functional at all or their function is limited because of PAR-type parabolic reflectors 
  • Aspherical wide-angle attachments with rotating barn door leaves
  • dedolight imager – projection attachments for 
  • Light framing 
  • Soft edge light framing with eye filters
  • Gobo projection
  • Background effect projection
  • Slide projection