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DT7-Bi-DMX 1

Dedo flex Mini-Softbox 12x12x9

DP1.1 Imager


LED Dedo Photometrics



DLED Bi-DMX 3 Light AC Kit

The dedolight DLED7 Bi-DMX Bi-DMX Kit is an all-around engineering marvel. Of course, the flexibility of continuously changing anywhere between 2700K to 6500K is a major difference between DLED7 and the classic Fixture. But the same elements you might be used to if you are a Classic user applies here; clean homogenous light all around the beam, and an uncanny focusing range, small, powerful and versatile. The light is constantly consuming 90w of power from the DT7-BI-U ballast and alternating it between 2, 90w diode sets in the array. This means no matter what diodes are on at any given time the light is always giving you what you’ve paid for; not 45w on one color, and 45w on another at whatever color temperature you are at (dimmable of course). To output this amount of light from small enclosure, the “Turbo” series of dedolight DLEDs are “actively” cooled, running silent fans without disrupting the most delicate of audio scenarios. Out of the box the light has a focusing range of 60°- 6° (1:20 light ratio); based on this element alone, you’re in a class of your own. The DLED7 series of heads fits accessories from the DLH4, DLHM4-300 and DLH200 (M Size) classics. 

The DP1.1 Imager/Projector fits in the accessory slot of all M size light head models.  This is a dedicated universal slot imager, fitting “M” size gobos (in the DPGH gobo holders). Medium projectors have integrated condensers, universal receptacle slot, and the lens holders which slides within the unit to determine focusing. This lens holder can detach to accommodate the DPL150.1M, 150mm Eagle Eye lens. If you are stuck using low-resolution imagers which created chromatic aberrations, you’ll want to try this projection system to know your alternatives. Quite frankly, there is no comparison; nothing can do what dedolight projectors can do.

The DSBSXS, dedoflex silver reflector mini-soft box with baffle & front diffuser. It works directly with M and S size focusing lights using the required speed-ring. 1 stop loss with front diffuser.

Kit Features

Color Temperature  Continuous adjustment from 2700-6500k
 Power  Max power consumption 90w, alternating between two, 90w light sources (2x 90w)
 Focus Control  60°- 6° (1:20) – Double helix focusing control, moves body and head away from one another with 3/4 turns. (With optional DLWAR optical aspheric wide-angle attachment, take the wide angle from 54°-90°)
Cooling Active silent cooling
Mounting  Dual 5/8″ (16mm) vertical or horizontal receptacles, or 1-1/8″ (28mm) stud
Operating Position Any position
Accessory Holder 3″ (76mm) diameter
Tilt Control Permanent friction
Safety Protection Class III, SLEV, IP20
Weight 2.9 lb (1300g)
UV No UV radiation