Quick & Versatile Bi-Color Light

The Lowel Blender Kit (120V/240VAC/12VDC) sheds new new light on the problems of shooting in mixed-light environments.  The Lowel Blender makes it possible to fine-tune your lights to match (or contrast with) whatever light you’re grappling with. With twin arrays of daylight and tungsten LEDs in one fixture, two simple dials make it possible to dial in the light to exactly the color you choose (from approximately 3000°K to 5000°K). This tiny unit (1.2 lbs and small enough to hold with a pistol grip) puts out a solid 56W of light, and it’s dimmable from 100% to 10%. It runs off the included 120V/240V AC adapter. Also included is a Lowel Slim Litebag for transporting the kit.

One of the great mysteries of run-n-gun location lighting is not knowing what lighting challenges to expect. It may be all daylight, all tungsten or the dreaded mixture of both. An interview with a CEO in a typical office is likely to have fluorescents overhead and daylight streaming through a window, with an incandescent desk lamp thrown in for good measure. You can haul in rolls of color temperature gels for the window, with more for the lights, or start moving lights around, turning them on or off, closing blinds, and on and on. Or you can break out the Blenders, set them up and dial in just the right mix of color to match the available light.

Kit: 2x Blender LED lights with AC adapters and power cords


Lowel Blender

Weight: 1.2lb. (544g)
Input Voltage: 7.2–15 VDC
Operating Amps: 1.25, 3A depending on input voltage
Wattage: 16-watt
Beam Control: Twin rotary controls for daylight and tungsten blend
Mount: 5/8” stands
Materials: primarily aluminum and plastic
Diffusion: set of three panels per light: Lite Frost, Cracked Ice, Prismatic

  • Variable intensity
  • Ability to mix color temperatures
  • Excellent three-point lighting
  • Lightweight, compact, portable
  • Power options and low requirements
  • Nominal heat generation (may be handheld)