Leader LV-5380 Front

Leader LV-5380 Rear



The LV 5380 is a waveform monitor that has high-precision, high-quality video signal waveform and vector display capabilities and a TFT LCD that boasts high color reproductivity. The LV 5380 also has a variety of other features. It has robust audio signal display features that include the lissajous and level displays of embedded audio. It can display two SDI signals at the same time. It can save screen captures to USB memory and display them later.  It also has an on-picture gamut error monitoring feature. In addition to its advanced features and high precision, the LV 5380 is light and small, making it extremely portable. The LV 5380’s portability and quality make it useful in any video production or monitoring site


●Two Serial Digital Inputs
The LV 5380 is equipped with two SDI inputs. You can use these inputs to receive two separate SDI signals or to receive a single dual link SDI signal.
The LV 5380 is also equipped with a connector for transmitting a reclocked channel A or B signal. When you choose to receive an SDI signal through channel A or B by pressing the INPUT key, the output connector transmits the selected signal.

● High-Quality TFT LCD
The LV 5380 achieves high picture quality by using an XGA TFT LCD (1024 × 768 pixels) that boasts high color reproductivity.

● Comprehensive Waveform Features
The LV 5380 uses fully digital waveform display processing to achieve high precision and quality. The video signal waveform display has gain, sweep, and cursor measurement features, along with RGB and pseudo-composite display features. In addition to video signal waveforms, the LV 5380 can also display vectors, and lissajous curves and level graphs of embedded audio.

● Versatile Picture Display
The LV 5380 uses fully digital waveform display processing to achieve high precision and quality. The display has a number of adjustment features such as color temperature selection, intensity adjustment, contrast adjustment, gain adjustment, and bias adjustment. It also has monochrome, chroma up, gamut error, and safety marker display features.

● Multi-Screen Display and 2-Channel Simultaneous Display 

You can use the multi-screen display to display combinations of picture, video signal waveform, vector, and audio meter displays simultaneously. You can use the 2-channel display to display two SDI signals simultaneously.

● 3D Assist Display
The LV 5380 makes it possible to perform 3D video signal evaluation on the signals that it receives: the video signal for the left eye and the video signal for the right eye separately as well as side-by-side signals or top-and-bottom signals, which contain the video signals for both eyes. The available picture display formats are anaglyph, convergence, overlay, checker, wipe, and flicker.

● Histogram Display
The Y, R, G, and B histograms can be displayed side by side or on top of each other. When the 3D assist display is in use, the video signal for the left eye and the video signal for the right eye can be displayed on top of each other.
● Aperture Adjustment
You can enhance the outlines in a picture to assist in the focusing of the camera. You can choose from 100 different aperture levels.

● Screen Capture
You can capture the display and store it as image data. You can view the captured data on the LV 5800 or store it in USB memory as a bitmap file that you can view on your PC.

● Status Display
The LV 5380 can display SDI signal data dump and error logs as well as the phase difference between the external sync signal and the SDI signal.

● Time Code Display
You can display LTC or VITC time codes.

● ID Display
You can assign IDs to input channels. IDs are entered from the LV 5380 panel.

● Display Mode Switch Keys
You can easily switch between different displays, such as the video signal waveform display, the vector display, and the picture display, by using the individual keys that are assigned to them. Also, because all of the keys are back-lit, it’s easy to operate the LV 5380 in the dark.

● Two Multi-Purpose Knobs
The front panel has two multi-purpose knobs. The functions of the two knobs change depending on the display mode and the current menu level. For example, the two knobs adjust the intensity and contrast in the picture display, and they adjust the horizontal and vertical positions in the waveform display. The current functions of each knob are displayed in the bottom right of the screen.

● Stereo Headphone Output
The LV 5380 can deliver the embedded audio of an SDI signal in stereo through the headphone output jacks.

● External Sync Signal Input
The LV 5380 can receive tri-level sync signals and NTSC or PAL black burst signals