The LV 5750 is a paradigm in portable digital testing. This multiformat HD-SDI and SD-SDI monitor features a color XGA (1024×768) LCD screen waveform monitor for signals. SDI inputs support auto detection of twenty standard formats. Selected SDI input signals are reclocked and output to an
active serial output. Complete digital processing of SDI signals enables highly accurate measurements. Test modes include waveform, vector, picture, audio, and status displays with time code. Displays and sub-displays can be viewed in various combinations side by side or as a four in one multi-display. A composite signal conversion converts SDI component signals into pseudo-composite waveform or vector for NTSC or PAL. Vector shows chrominance difference signals in vector format with the amplitude settable as variable, IQ-MAG, or x5 times. Line selection with strobe of the same line can be displayed in picture, waveform, vector, and data dump with values in hex or binary notation which eases analysis. Complete protocol test and analysis functions are provided


•Frame Capture – of screen to users compact flash memory card as BMP and or BST for continuity.
•Frame Capture – to internal memory allows display of superimposed held vs. live waveforms to match cameras and for exact timing adjustments.
•Status – screen shows error detection of digital protocols for: CRC, EDH, BCH, checksum, parity, GBR gamut, and pseudo-composite gamut errors, etc.
•Embedded Audio – monitors bargraphs displaying of up to eight channels at a time.
•Stereo Headphone – monitoring of selected audio channels output to the headphone output connector.
•Event Log – of selected/detected errors and events are stored to compact flash memory card. The log can be transferred as text data to a PC via the network by using FTP.
•Digital Data Dump – displays in hexadecimal or binary notation. This can be stored to a compact flash memory card and transferred as text data to a PC via the network by using FTP.
•Embedded Audio Essence – displays voice control packets, channels status, and other packets in the AES/EBU signal.
•Presets – store up to 30 sets of frequently used front panel settings.
•External Synchronization – allows tri-level sync signals or B.B signals of NTSC/PAL.
•Front Panel – buttons have LEDs and can be illuminated.
•Tripod Stand Mount – allows the 6.6 lb. monitor to be attached to a tripod or camera.
•Compact Flash Card – module can be replaced with optional Ethernet or Remote Control plug-in modules.
•Options – include a dedicated rack mount and viewing hood is also available.