FIDO-TR-12G Cover

    Previous Next AJA FiDO-TR-12G Manual AJA FiDO-TR-12G Manual FiDO-TR-12G 1-Channel 12G-SDI/LC Single-Mode LC Fiber Transceiver FiDO-TR-12G offers unmatched flexibility and cost efficiency for 12G/3G/HD/SD-SDI Fiber conversion, allowing for cable runs up to 10 km (32,808 ft) over standard single-mode fiber optic cable and the FiDO-TR-12G converters use a compact, low-profile enclosure that works well in tight spaces around and behind equipment racks, trucks and on camera. 12G-SDI from Camera to Fiber, Edit and More Explore how AJA’s latest FiDO-TR-12G SDI solutions can simplify production and post workflows, providing ample bandwidth to handle high resolution, high frame rate and deep color content over a single cable. Learn more about our FiDO 12G-SDI/optical fiber Mini-Converters,12GDA distribution amplifier, 12GM Muxer/DeMuxer, FS-HDR converter/frame synchronizer and Io 4K Plus Thunderbolt™ 3-equipped audio and video I/O device with 12G-SDI support. Features 1-Channel 12G-SDI/LC Single-Mode LC Fiber Transceiver Duplex connection (LC connector) 12G-SDI input and output, which…

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    Previous Next Roland VC-1-DL Manual VC-1-DL Roland VC-1-DL BI-DIRECTIONAL SDI/HDMI WITH DELAY AND FRAME SYNC Roland’s new video converters address the demand for high-quality, lossless video and audio converters for live/post production as well as installed systems. They include the Roland VC-1-HS (HDMI to SDI), VC-1-SH (SDI to HDMI), VC-1-DL (Bi-directional SDI/HDMI with audio/video delay and frame sync) and VC-1-SC (Up/Down/Cross Scan converter to/from SDI/HDMI). The VC-1 Video Converter series The VC-1 Video Converter series provides uncompromising picture quality by maintaining the video characteristics of the original signal with rich-blacks and super-whites. There are no interlacing artifacts or other conversion or signal errors sometimes found with other video converters. The VC-1 series also features an on-board re-clocker to compensate for attenuation of SDI signals carried over long distances. The VC-1 series also supports both level A and B 3G-SDI, letting you connect a variety of higher quality SDI sources. The VC-1 series is HDCP compliant…

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Census Qube-3

QUBE-3 3G/HD/SD-SDI  8×1 Source Selector The Census QUBE-3 is a 3G/HD/SD-SDI 8×1 Source Selector.  That provides automatic input detection while re-clocking and cable equalization reliably recovers signals on all eight inputs. Eight LED illuminated pushbuttons on the front panel allows switching on the input selection.  If a valid SDI signal is present on the selected source the LED indicator with be illuminated, while a flashing LED indicates a loss of signal on that input. BNC connections located on the rear panel allow for eight SDI input signals, providing one output of the selected SDI signal. Also located on the rear panel is a 9 Pin female D-Sub connector to be used for GPI remote control. The Census QUBE-3 is a standalone unit or you can rack mount up to two units in a 1 RU optional rack mount shelf. Eliminating the need for AC adapters the QUBE-3 comes complete with…

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Census Digital NLX-10

NLX-10 Hdmi to 3g/HD/SD-SDI Converter The NLX-10 from Census Digital provides an effective miniature solution to convert an HDMI signal to a 3G/HD/SD-SDI signal. Also the NLX-10 accepts one HDMI signal using a standard HDMI connector and provides two SDI outputs on BNC connectors. A dual colour LED indicator provides a GREEN status indication to show that the NLX-10 is locked to a valid HDMI signal or a RED status indicating a valid HDMI signal is not present. Power to the NLX-10 is provided by an external AC Adapter with locking DC connector.


DATAVIDEO DAC-70 CROSS CONVERTER DAC-70 Manual   Previous Next DAC-70 Manual DAC-70 Datavideo DAC-70 Up / Down / Cross Converter The Datavideo DAC-70 Up / Down / Cross Converter is an “Ultra Wide Range Scaler with Excellent Compatibility” because, this unit can support a multitude of video resolutions ranging from SD to Full HD. Also when you need to connect two otherwise incompatible video devices together, the DAC-70 (Swiss Army Knife) has you covered and the DAC-70 is always scaling, converting, to 3 video output ports (2x SDI and 1x HDMI). Need to add External Audio to your SDI signal? Now you can easily replace the audio using the RCA inputs of the unit. It even allows you to adjustable brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation settings.  With the use of the DAC Center Utility you can adjust the video output by simply connecting a PC computer to the DAC-70 via USB. Built…

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AJA HD10AM Cover

    Previous Next AJA HD10AM Manual AJA HD10AM Manual HD10AM AJA HD10am AES Audio Embedder/Disembedder The AJA HD10AM is a dual rate 8 channel AES audio Embedder/Disembedder. The Disembedder is always functional, outputting group 1 and 2—or 3 and 4 (user selectable) when present on the input SDI. This is independent of the embedding process. The Embedder is user selectable, on a channel pair basis, to either “pass” SDI input audio or embed input AES audio from the breakout cable. The ability to pass incoming ancillary data makes it possible to embed up to 16 channels of audio by cascading two units: the first embedding to groups 1/2, and the second embedding to groups 3/4—or vice versa. It also means that any ancillary data packets in compliance with SMPTE 291M will be passed through as-is. With the SRC DIP switch setting ON, AES inputs are sample rate converted to a 48KHz rate synchronous to the video input. The…

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  Previous Next AJA HA5 Manual AJA HA5 Manual HA5 HDMI to SD/HD-SDI Video and Audio Converter The HA5 converts HDMI to SDI or HD-SDI. Up to eight channels of HDMI audio are embedded into the SD/HD-SDI output allowing a convenient single cable audio/video connection. HA5 provides two SD/HD-SDI outputs and supports long HDMI cables on the input. Useful for connecting HDMI cameras to SD/HD-SDI equipment. All AJA Mini-Converters use a universal power supply and plug connections for use all around the world. Features HA5 Full HDMI support including embedded audio Equalized HDMI input supports long HDMI cables up to 40m PLL clock filtering for low jitter SD/HD-SDI outputs Lock LED shows type of input source, SD (green) or HD (red) HDMI cable included Five year warranty Specifications Video Formats • (HD) 1080p 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97, 30 • (HD) 1080i 50, 59.94, 60 • (HD) 720p 50, 59.94, 60…

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  Previous Next AJA Hi5 manual AJA Hi5 manual Hi5 AJA Hi5 HD-SDI/SDI to HDMI Video and Audio Converter The AJA Hi5 converts SDI or HD-SDI to HDMI for driving HDMI monitors. Embedded SD/HD-SDI audio is supported in the HDMI output allowing a convenient single cable audio/video connection. Also the Hi5 provides 2-Channel RCA style audio outputs for separate audio monitoring if needed. AJA Hi5 also provides a looping SD/HD-SDI output useful for connecting additional equipment, or for “daisy chaining” multiple monitors to the same SD-HD-SDI source. All AJA Mini-Converters use a universal power supply and plug connections for use all around the world. Features Hi5 SD/HD-SDI to HDMI Full HDMI support including 10-bit video and 8 channels of embedded audio Additional 2-Channel RCA jack audio output Equalized looping SD/HD-SDI output HDMI cable included Specifications Video Formats • (HD) 1080i 50, 59.94, 60 • (HD) 1080p 23.98, 24, 25, 29.97,…

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AJA HD10MD3 Down-converter

AJA HD10MD3 Manual AJA HD10MD3 Manual HD10MD3 AJA HD10MD3 Digital Down-converter The AJA HD10MD3 down-converter used for converting HD-SDI video to standard definition SDI and analog component composite video. The AJA HD10MD3 uses a full 10-bit data path and a multi-point interpolation to produce excellent quality down-converted video. In addition, the HD10MD3 converts either 23.98/24Hz 1080p23.98sf or 1080p24sf to a 59.94 Hz output video using the standard 3:2 pulldown technique. The output can be formatted for either 4:3 or 16:9 standard definition monitors. For 4:3 monitors, the output can be formatted for either the Letterbox or Crop modes. Four channel AES embedded audio is passed to the SDI output. The HD1OMD3 is also dual-rate in that SD inputs pass to the SDI and analog outputs.

Previous Next AJA HD10DA MANUAL HD10DA AJA HD10DA 1×6 DA (Dual-Rate re-clocking) The AJA HD10DA 1×6 DA is a miniature (dual-rate) re-clocking distribution amplifier. Featuring six separately buffered HD-SDI outputs, the HD10DA provides automatic input cable re-clocking and equalization to 125 meters. Features • Compact SD/HD Distribution• Six Separately Buffered Outputs• Miniature Size• 125m HD cable equalization (1694 coax)• HD-SDI or SDI input, auto sensing• Bi-color LED indication of input lock and rate• Passes all ancillary data• Uses universal input +5V power supply AJA model DWP-U-R1 (included)• No dip switches or configuration required